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Statistical Player Analyses: Sebastian Polter aka ‘Polti’

At a young age:

Born on april 1st 1991 in Willemshaven,Germany. Sebastian started his soccer career originally as a goalkeeper. But he is most known for his centre forward position. He did not switch positions because he was not a good goalkeeper. He was said to be a great one. But he wanted in to the action and decided it was time to switch to the Striker position.

Starting in the youth from Heidmühler FC he moved within 3 years from SV Willemshaven to Werder Bremen back to SV Willemshaven and then onwards to Eintracht Braunschweig before joining VFL Wolfsburg in 2006.

VFL Wolfsburg II: ( youth bundesliga / Regionalliga Nord , 4th german division North)

During his time at wolfsburg he at first played for the second team in which he made 68 appearances and 9 goals between 2008 en 2012.

VFL Wolfsburg: ( Bundesliga, first german division)

At age 20 Sebastian secured some subsitutions for Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. With only 343 minutes he managed to score twice in 12 appearances. Averaging 1 goal every 171.5 minutes

1. FC Nürnberg and 1. FC Nürnberg II: ( on loan from VFL Wolfsburg,Bundesliga, first german division)

During the season 2012 – 2013 Sebastian was loaned out too first german division club 1. FC Nürnberg. During his 1 year loan period at 1. FC Nürnberg he managed to appear on 1 german cup match without scoring. Two regionalliga Sud (4th german division South) games in which he scored 1 goal and 26 appearances for 1. FC Nürnberg in which he scored 5 times in 1071 minutes . Averaging 1 goal every 214.2 minutes 1. FC Nürnberg ended the Bundesliga that season on a tenth spot.

FSV Mainz 05 and FSV Mainz 05 II: ( Bundesliga, first german division)

After his loan spell at 1. FC Nürnberg . Sebastian transfered to FSV Mainz 05 . During his first season he played 80 minutes in 2 cup games in which he did not score. 7 games for FSV Mainz 05 II in which he scored 3 goals and gave 3 assists in 551 minutes which brought him to an average of 1 goal every 87.1 minutes and 1 assist every 87.1 minutes. With FSV Mainz 05 he played 13 games for 576 minutes in which he gave 2 assists which averages out on 1 assist every 288 minutes.

1.FC Union Berlin (2nd Bundesliga, second german division)

After his first year at FSV Mainz 05. Sebastian was loaned out to 1.FC Union Berlin at the moment a 2nd Bundesliga team. During his loan spell Sebastian appeared in 29 games on the pitch of which he played a total of 2.591 minutes. In these minutes he scored 14 times which brought him to an average of 1 goal every 185 minutes and next to that he gave 6 assists which averages out at 1 assist every 431 minutes.

Queens Park Rangers ( Championship , second division United Kingdom)

After his loan spell at 1.FC Union Berlin he made a transfer to his first foreign club. He joined Queens Park Rangers in the UK for a sum of €2.4 million at age 24. During his period at QPR he played 51 championship games in 2895 minutes. In these games he scored 10 times which averages out at 1 goal every 289.5 minutes. He did also provide 8 assists which averages out at 1 assist every 361.9 minutes

1.FC Union Berlin (2nd and 1st Bundesliga, first and second german division)

In 2016 moved back to 1.FC Union Berlin for a sum of €1.6 million. At 1.FC Union Berlin he played both in the 2nd Bundesliga as well in the Bundesliga. During his time in the 2nd Bundesliga, Sebastiaan appeared in 51 games for 4273 minutes. During this time he scored 28 goals averaging 1 goal every 152,6 goals. He assist count was set on 8. Averaging 1 assist every 543.1 minutes.

For the season 2019/2020 1.FC Union Berlin got promoted to the Bundesliga . In this competition Sebastian played 13 times for them as a subsitute within only 326 he managed to score 2 times which brings the average on 1 goal every 163 minutes. He did also assist in 2 goals which also averages out at 1 assist every 163 minutes.

The total Statistics for Sebastians career including the youth until now:

Number of appearances 331
Number of goals 119
Number of assists 36
Total Playtime 20.212 minutes

Averaging on goals : 1 goal every 169.8 minutes
Averaging on assist: 1 assist every 561.4 minutes


Calculating these statistics to games for Fortuna in the next season:

36 games times 90 minutes ( I do not include overtime and i do include playing the whole 90 minutees) and 1 goal every 169 minutes. Should mean around 19 goals if he would play every minute. So Sebastian should be able to box 15 goals with the right supply in the next season.

Please leave your own analyse for Sebastian below.

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